Black Panther’s Shuri Encourages Girls to Pursue STEM

We all know who the true star of Black Panther is, and it isn’t T’Challa. We are talking about the sassy princess Shuri! Letitia Wright starred as Shuri in this comic book come to live and boy did she bring it.

Not only did she show black girls that they can be strong women, but also that they are smart! According to a HuffPost article:

The actress also said she hopes young girls will unlock their potential when watching Shuri, especially when it comes to STEM, where women of color made up less than 10 percent of working scientists and engineers in the U.S. in 2015.

“I hope it inspires them and I hope it does [so] positively. I hope it sparks the next person,” Wright told HuffPost.

We share the same dream, Ms. Wright! Because the data is truly saddening when you realize the potential, knowledge, determination, and vision young girls of color can bring to STEM fields.

According to Catalyst, in 2015 women made up only 24% of those employed in STEM fields. But, it doesn’t start with jobs, it starts with degrees. Between 2014 and 2015, only 2.4% STEM bachelor degrees went to black women.

We need more mentors and idols like Shuri on the big screen to push this vision forward!


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