Polished Pebbles: Mentoring with Impact

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Est. 2009


What Is Polished Pebbles?

Polished Pebbles is a Chicago-based, nonprofit organization that I founded back in 2009, and provides me with a lot of the insight, experiences, and food for thought for this blog.  The Polished Pebbles program mentors girls ages 7-17 on the effective life skill of communication.We have worked with over 300+ volunteer mentors who help approx. 700 girls via 21 program sites to solve their problems rationally as opposed to retaliating and develop the confidence to:

  •  Speak up in class,
  •  Join groups and seek leadership positions
  •  Communicate effectively and respectfully with adults,
  •  Have peaceful interactions with their peers
  • Prepare for future careers



Polished Pebble Mentee Introduces First Lady Michelle Obama!


See Deneen’s Speech Here!

The Polished Pebbles Impact