Celebrate Male Role Models

We’re going to say it straight, male role models are important. Do male role models contribute something different than women role models? Do young girls need positive male role models in their lives? We don’t have the answers to those questions.

But what we do know?

We have girls in our program who have strong, positive, inspiring male role models in their lives. And we think they are important. We celebrate the role they play in their daughter’s, sister’s, niece’s, friend’s, etc. life! We want them to know that we appreciate and love how they inspire, educate, love, listen to, lead, and support those around them. And we want them to keep on doing their thing!

Which is why you should join us on Saturday, February 17 for our 7th Annual Daddy-Daughter Fun Day! This free event is a celebration of the male role models in your girls’ lives. It will be a day of friendly competition as they play different activities throughout the day! We hope to see you there.

And if you don’t have a male role model who can join you, please still come! We have wonderful men who volunteered and are standing by.


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