What You Can Learn From Cameka Smith

Last week we shared with you Cynthia Boykin of What U Need Is… Today we want everyone to know about Cameka Smith of BOSS Network. Cameka Smith is the founder of BOSS Network, “Bringing Out Successful Sisters”. With a Master’s in Education, … Continue reading

What You Can Learn From Cynthia Boykin

At KellyFairtheMentor.com, we had the opportunity to interview Cynthia Boykin of What U Need Is… We are happy to share with you her insights and inspirations for mentoring and strengthening community! First, a little bio on our wonderful Cynthia Boykin. “The Master Networker”, she is the founder of What U Need Is…an essential connection between businesses and consumers in Chicago. As is said about the founder, “Cynthia is known for being able to build relationships, connecting the right people together skillfully and swiftly.” Continue reading

Another Mentor Inspiration…My Nana!

As January is National Mentoring Month. I want to take the time to share with you one of my most favorite people…my Nana! She has inspired me in many ways, including in my mentoring career. My Nana showed me that mentoring takes many different forms. One way that people can be mentors to their community, is by having a commitment to service. My Nana was an usher for 63 years! Continue reading

Because of Rev. Colemon, I AM A MENTOR!

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Earlier this week, I attended the memorial services for the founding minister of my church in Chicago, the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon.  For 50 years, Rev. Colemon founded and led an international ministry that grew out of her Chicago-based church, Christ Universal Temple, with approximately 30,000 followers world-wide.  The list of people and organizations that she supported and #mentored include well known individuals like the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Les Brown.  Her service was set to be two hours but, with over 30 speakers there was no way this could be achieved, even with some of the most efficient planning in the world.  For five total hours, speaker after speaker, whether they were ministers, elected officials, celebrities, educators, entertainment executives, they all talked about the tough love, advice, endless support, and mentorship that Johnnie provided them that helped them achieve their dreams.

Although, I was just one of many that day paying tribute to this awesome lady. I, like many of the speakers was also inspired to achieve my personal best in life by Rev. Colemon, whom we all lovingly called Johnnie.  And, although I may not have had many personal interactions with her, through her sermons, books, publications, and some meetings, she was very much a mentor to me as well.  Johnnie had this electric energy that just made you want to be powerful, and bold, and dynamic just like her.  Whether you had the opportunity to be personally mentored by Johnnie, or inspired from a far, she made us feel like we could take on the world with the faith that any of us could have live the best life possible, if we should so choose to.

So, WHY AM I A MENTOR? I thought to myself what better tribute and thank you could I give to Rev. Colemon could I give, but to dedicate my time to inspiring another generation of girls that they too can live healthy, happy, and prosperous lives.  We all have received some help, mentoring, and love from someone else at some point in our lives, and it’,s our responsibility to keep this mentoring recycling process in motion.

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So share with us why are you a mentor?

Happy New Year With Bright Futures Ahead!

As we look back on the year 2014 and the socio-political events that have affected African-American communities, it is important that we remember Polished Pebbles. Black girls are often forgotten as issues affecting them are not properly addressed compared to black boys. At Polished Pebbles, we are determined to be a positive intervention! We work against stereotypes to empower our girls to improve their situations and futures! Please join our partners, sponsors, volunteers, and mentors who have taken a stand with us by giving back! When you give, it benefits all! Continue reading