Reclaim Her Safe Space

By now many of you may have seen the National Women’s Law Center video for the Let Her Learn campaign. Many schools are not safe spaces for young women of color. As you saw in the video, many young, black girls are unfairly and unjustly treated by school policies and officials. Is this to say all schools support policies based on racist and sexist stereotypes? No! But these are not isolated incidents and the trend cannot be ignored. Continue reading

Redefine Your Stereotype

Although stereotypes are formed from ignorance, they have a way of sticking around. Like labels, they become false defining features of groups of people. Some of us spend our lives trying to shake these definitions and defy stereotypes. While it is hard to lump all women into one group as there are so many diversities, differences, and intersecting identities making up each individual woman, there are consistent stereotypes. Continue reading

Insights into “Women’s Work” and Men

During March, Women’s History Month, there is a lot of focus on gender equality. People are analyzing the role of women in history and in current society. There is usually a focus on the workforce, especially the pay gap. There is a lot of pride in the growing number of women entering STEM fields, which is definitely deserving of celebration!

However, we don’t always pay attention to the stereotypically women’s career choices and men entering those fields. Continue reading