Raise Her Up

Living in a male dominant society, women are directly and indirectly told that we are not enough. Women may go through life believing that something is missing from themselves and we have to find it to have success, friends, love, and happiness. This can lead to a sense of competitiveness with other women: What does she have that I don’t? And how do I get it? And this competition starts at a young age. Continue reading

Inspire the Next Generation of Working Women

Women have come a long way since first becoming major players in the workforce. No longer delegated to “women’s work”, we are making waves! In fact, it seems that each generation of women is setting their sights higher and higher when it comes to career aspirations. Continue reading

Make Women’s History Month Intersectional

It is the beginning of March which means we say “hello” to Women’s History Month. Last month we celebrated Black History Month. As we live in a male dominant society, black men tend to be the stars–Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Jesse Jackson to name a few. And then we transition into Women’s History Month where black women tend to fall short on the lists of notable figures. Now, there’s a problem with this….what about black women? When do we celebrate them? Continue reading