From Hashtag Movements to Heartfelt Accountability


Last week I attended my very first Congressional Black Caucus Annual Leadership Summit (ALC) in Washington DC. It’s considered by many to be the leading policy conference on issues impacting African Americans and the global black community. Thought leaders, legislators and concerned citizens engage on economic development, civil and social justice, public health, and education issues. This year I was proud to be invited to ALC promote my book, “They’re All The Same Girl” in the Author’s Pavilion, but I was also very fortunate to observe real advocacy in action! Continue reading

Pack Those Bags: We Are Headed Back to School


Tuesday, September 6 marks the first day of school for the Chicago Public Schools. There’s excitement, scrambling for last minute supplies, and nerves. Of course the child is nervous for school; new classroom, new teacher, harder lessons and books. But, the parent(s) is also nervous. Of course they also worry about the class, friends, and teacher. But, there is a greater worry for the quality of their child’s education–are they learning what they need to succeed in life? Continue reading

Polished Pebbles: Look How Far We’ve Come

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The past few weeks we have shared with you the Pillars for the Polished Pebbles Girl’s Mentoring Program: Communication, Career Exploration, and Community. We are so proud of our girls and the success they have had. The success of our girls have inspired and caused us to grow. Their success is ours and we want to share with you how far we have come thanks to our girls. For we are nothing without our pebbles. Continue reading