Polished Pebbles: Look How Far We’ve Come

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The past few weeks we have shared with you the Pillars for the Polished Pebbles Girl’s Mentoring Program: Communication, Career Exploration, and Community. We are so proud of our girls and the success they have had. The success of our girls have inspired and caused us to grow. Their success is ours and we want to share with you how far we have come thanks to our girls. For we are nothing without our pebbles. Continue reading

Relevant Reblog: Gender Pay Gap 2016


Last year, we wrote this article on whether black women are thriving or simply surviving in college and beyond. We found that although black women are leading in college enrollment among all groups, they are still making less money than not only men, but also white women. Let’s review before we see what has changed from 2015 to 2016. Continue reading