Are Black Beauty Standards Better About Inclusion?

Artwork by Peniel Echille

Last week we shared with you how young, black girls can be ostracized and hurt by white beauty standards. Our society has normalized white beauty leaving little to no space for women of color. This doesn’t mean women of color have been quiet…not at all! There have been many movements created by women of color to celebrate their unique beauty. And we love all that self-love! Although we are creating space and change in society with these movements and with these ideas, we are still not perfect. Continue reading

From Hashtag Movements to Heartfelt Accountability


Last week I attended my very first Congressional Black Caucus Annual Leadership Summit (ALC) in Washington DC. It’s considered by many to be the leading policy conference on issues impacting African Americans and the global black community. Thought leaders, legislators and concerned citizens engage on economic development, civil and social justice, public health, and education issues. This year I was proud to be invited to ALC promote my book, “They’re All The Same Girl” in the Author’s Pavilion, but I was also very fortunate to observe real advocacy in action! Continue reading

Pack Those Bags: We Are Headed Back to School


Tuesday, September 6 marks the first day of school for the Chicago Public Schools. There’s excitement, scrambling for last minute supplies, and nerves. Of course the child is nervous for school; new classroom, new teacher, harder lessons and books. But, the parent(s) is also nervous. Of course they also worry about the class, friends, and teacher. But, there is a greater worry for the quality of their child’s education–are they learning what they need to succeed in life? Continue reading