We Want More Black Sisterhood

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of black sisterhood. You can view that post here: Photographing Sisterhood. In a media centered society that puts drama over friendship, we are seriously lacking black female friends on the big screens. Which means, many of our young girls are not seeing examples of black female friendship.

And what some people are missing, is that this is what we want to see in movies and on television. We want to not only see diversity, but we want to see people of color in lead roles and positive roles. We want to see examples of black sisterhood and brotherhood. This proved true with the movie “Girls Trip”.

In it’s opening weekend, “Girls Trip” brought in $30 million. In a Huffpost article, it states:

What makes “Girls Trip” so great is that it shows black women as they are: Unapologetic, carefree, flawed and human. Through its comedic approach, the film gives space for these women to act reckless, reckon with their wrongdoing and re-examine their actions in a way that is raw, real and rarely represented on the big screen.

–Lilly Workneh,‘Girls Trip’ Matters Because Seeing Black Sisterhood Celebrated On Screen Is Important

Here’s to hoping we see more movies like “Girls Trip” and more TV shows like “Insecure”. Media where black women are celebrated and friendship is modeled.


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