Woman: You Are All You Need

March brings us Women’s History Month. We all know that the sheer power of woman-ness cannot be confined to one month! But, we will accept this time to acknowledge all that women have done to shape and better our world.

In fact, these stats come from an article in International Business Times:

Women are the highest populated demographic: As of July 2015, there were more women living in the U.S. compared to men, according to the Census Bureau. Women accounted for roughly 163.2 million individuals living in the states while there were only about 158.2 million males.

Women make up nearly half of the workforce: There was once a time when a woman couldn’t even land a job, but now the ladies make up 47.4 percent of the civilian labor force. That’s not to mention how women have also been taking much bigger roles with 43.9 percent of women working careers related to life, physical and social science while 24.8 percent of women hold computer and mathematical jobs and 14 percent work in architectural and engineering occupations.

Because that is the true power of Women’s History Month! It reminds us that we are capable human beings that can influence and change our surroundings. Mainstream sexism in society can make women feel powerless, but it is far from the truth. Remember to let yourself SHINE!

Want to be inspired by powerful black women? Check out this list of articles from The Undefeated in honor of Women’s History Month: https://theundefeated.com/features/for-national-womens-history-month-stories-of-undefeated-black-women/


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