Reclaim Her Safe Space

By now many of you may have seen the National Women’s Law Center video for the Let Her Learn campaign. If not, please watch it below!

Many schools are not safe spaces for young women of color. As you saw in the video, many young, black girls are unfairly and unjustly treated by school policies and officials. Is this to say all schools support policies based on racist and sexist stereotypes? No! But these are not isolated incidents and the trend cannot be ignored.

If you know Polished Pebbles, then you know that this is why we exist. We exist to support our girls in their schools and home communities. We want them to feel safe, accepted, and confident in all spaces they enter. While we cannot guarantee others will treat them with respect, we aim to give them the knowledge to navigate these situations with their heads held high.

Through this direct work with our girls, we advocate for their well-beings in the larger education system. We hope that one day they will not be judged by the darkness of their skin, the style of their hair, or the power in their voice. Young, black girls deserve a fair and honest education in a school that respects and believes in their potential. We hope that you can stand with us.

Advocate for your schools and communities to become safe spaces for girls of color.

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