How To Take A Breath When Life Keeps Rolling

It’s time we talk about the flip side of non-profit management. While it feels amazing to be on a mission and saving the world, it comes with a heavy amount of stress. And stress is a big burden to have on the daily. It wears on our body physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. It can just suck the life out of living. This is a big reason why non-profit burnout exists. We can put the weight of the world on our shoulders and let it drag us down until we physically cannot take it anymore. Avoid burnout–don’t let stress stop you from moving forward with your mission!

As many of you know by now, Kelly Fair has been steamrolling forward with Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program. She’s been on radio shows, engaged in live twitter discussions, spoken at events as a special guest, and has even appeared on CLTV’s Monday Motivation. That doesn’t even begin to describe her “They’re All The Same Girl” Book Tour! You think she’s stressed? We know so, but like the leader she is, Kelly manages her stress.

Here are our 5 tips to lower stress and keep your life rolling like Kelly Fair!

  1. Exercise. Being active not only lowers stress, but keeps your body healthy. With less sick time, you can be more productive. You don’t have to become a yogi to manage stress through exercise. Just take a small part of your day to be active. Here’s how Kelly manages to stay active in her busy schedule: “QUOTE”
  2. Sleep. You can’t manage a non-profit (or even function in life) if you aren’t getting enough snooze hours. Remember, the average person need 8 hours of sleep a night to stay healthy. So hit snooze and give yourself that extra 10 minutes!
  3. Have a Hobby. I don’t mean you have to pull out a stamp collection or buy fancy equipment. Hobbies don’t have to be extravagant. Maybe you enjoy coloring books or taking your dog for a walk. A hobby is simply an active that is solely meant for your enjoyment. Our own Kelly Fair enjoys “HOBBY” Find yours!
  4. Socialize. Don’t let stress turn you into an anti-social cave dweller. Get out and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. You can save the world and have fun.
  5. Take a Break. Perhaps the hardest advice of all. Find the time to step away for a couple days (or even a week)! Everyone needs to rest and recharge before being battle ready.



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