What’s The Word On “They’re All The Same Girl”?

You must have heard by now…Polished Pebbles and Kelly Fair have published a book! And we are getting the word out. Kelly Fair has kicked-off her book tour with radio appearances and guest speaking. Be sure to check out her schedule! Now, we can tell you all about the book, but why not here from some of our supporters (you!).

Here’s the scoop on “They’re All the Same Girl” from Polished Pebbles Ambassador Dawn Henson, Pastor William E Hall, and Media Veteran Consuella Williams.

With They’re All The Same Girl Kelly Fair delivers turn-key tactics and shares insight on successfully garnering support from volunteers, schools, civic and corporate partners.  The book offers personal testimonies from volunteers, program staff and candid community conversations that will prepare aspiring social entrepreneurs, and your organization, to build a generation of girls on the path to personal and professional success!

Interested in purchasing They’re All the Same Girl? Click here…


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