Happy New Year With Bright Futures Ahead!


Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve to welcome in the exciting 2015! Thank you for all of those who have supported Polished Pebbles by donating to our girls. Your contributions will help fund activities, programs, transportation, and Polished Pebbles wear for the 2015 program year. For those still considering making a donation to Polished Pebbles, you can do so here online.

One of our partners, Microsoft, provides opportunities for technological experiences and education. Our girls give formal presentations to Microsoft staff and receive feedback. One of the Oakbrook Microsoft women we worked with, Megan Wright, even wrote an article on her partnership with Polished Pebbles! You can read it here.

As we look back on the year 2014 and the socio-political events that have affected African-American communities, it is important that we remember Polished Pebbles. Black girls are often forgotten as issues affecting them are not properly addressed compared to black boys. At Polished Pebbles, we are determined to be a positive intervention! We work against stereotypes to empower our girls to improve their situations and futures! Please join our partners, sponsors, volunteers, and mentors who have taken a stand with us by giving back! When you give, it benefits all!

If you missed last week’s post, check out our look back on our year with Polished Pebbles by clicking here.

Remember, with your help…TOGETHER SHE WILL SHINE!

Hello bright and new 2015!


One thought on “Happy New Year With Bright Futures Ahead!

  1. Interested in upcoming events for my daughter, she is 8 years old. We live in naperville, but she is struggling and need a lot of support.

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