Creating Career Opportunities for Ourselves

Actress Gabrielle Union recently received “Breakthrough Producer of the Year” award from CinemaCon. Prior to accepting the award, she was mistaken by her driver for another black actress, Naomie Harris (  Gabrielle describes that moment as solidifying her desire to create roles for women, whom producers tend to “put out to pasture” once they reach a certain age. Union discusses the power producers have in the film industry to create career opportunities and since she was awarded the opportunity, she would like to help other talented actresses that struggle with getting roles by creating jobs for them. Creating career opportunities for women goes far beyond the scope of one individual, it is a collaborative effort.

It is vital to create career opportunities for the next generation of women in all industries. Which is why girls mentoring programs such as Polished Pebbles are necessary. The mentoring program equips girls from 7-17 years old with skills that allow them to develop the confidence and ability to: communicate effectively, encourages girls to join groups, speak up in class, and seek leadership positions. Polished Pebbles continues to prepare girls for their future by creating pipelines from schools to future careers.

Here are a few tips on creating career opportunities for ourselves:

Meet new people — Don’t limit yourself when it comes to networking and building strong connections with individuals; you never know who you can work with in the future.

Don’t be afraid to ask — If you don’t know nor understand something ASK, ASK, then ASK again for clarification.

Don’t be afraid to try a different approach — If you have been doing the same routine for several years and getting the same results, maybe it’s time to try a different approach and shake things up a bit.

Build self-confidence — Self-confidence is key when it comes to creating opportunities for yourself. Knowing what you bring to the table does not give individuals room to question what you have to offer, but what can they bring to your table to enhance what is already there. You must believe in yourself first.

Keep learning — Never stop yearning for knowledge and self-discovery.  

For more tips on creating career opportunities click the link below!

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