We’re Headed Back to School

September is upon us, which means the first day of school is right around the corner. Although Polished Pebbles won’t be starting up until October, we know that students and parents have some nerves about getting back to those classrooms. We have some tips for you to make the transition into the school year as smooth as possible:

  • Set up a daily schedule to help maintain routines
  • Keep set bedtimes to make those morning wakings easier
  • Pack healthy, filling lunches to keep your kids sharp in class
  • Have quiet time in the evening to help your kids with homework
  • Help your kids organize by keeping a set place for school supplies and backpacks
  • Plan fun activities for the weekend to keep your child excited during the weekdays
  • Talk about after-school programs and activities with your kids
  • Consider a mentoring program to help your kids form positive relationships and build skills
  • Talk to your kids not just about school and homework, but also about their relationships and hardships
  • Stay encouraging and supportive!

Back to School Banner.jpg

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