Polished Pebbles Out On The Town

The core of the Polished Pebbles curriculum is providing our girls with enriching and educational opportunities. We love that with the help from sponsors, we are able to provide learning and shadowing events to our young women. Our goals are not only to educate the girls and women in our program, but also to empower them by connecting them with job shadowing opportunities and mentors.

We’ve all heard that connections help you get ahead; networking is a must! By connecting our Polished Pebbles groups with prominent people and leaders with organizations and businesses we are giving them the support they need to succeed. And succeed they will!

Here are some snapshots of our Pebbles looking powerful in pink!

Lunch at the Hyatt to learn about the hospitality industry…

Glam session with MODA for a sneak peek into the fashion industry…

Job shadowing with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois…

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