Networking for Mentors: Coffee Conversations

Today we are asking you to join a supportive group of colleagues and mentors working towards positive change in their communities. Kelly Fair and guests will be discussing the importance of community servant leadership and building a rejuvenating network of support. Come and learn with us either in person or through Facebook Live! This is your time to network and engage with community leaders.

Why is networking important?

Networking has become all the talk in the last couple of years. People focus on connecting with the right people to move forward with their plans. And it’s true, knowing the right people can sure make a difference on your path to success. But there is so much more to networking.

By forming friendships and professional relationships with others, you are creating a support network to carry you through life. When you have big ideas and plans for your community, you get burnt out. Not everything goes the way you plan, there are hiccups along the path–funding, approval, resources, and just the simple reality of life. So, when you are feeling down and beaten, who do you turn to who truly understands the feeling? People working towards the same goals!

And that is where networking comes in. We are here to be your sounding board for ideas, your shoulder to cry on, your push to get up and keeping going! And don’t forget that we need you, too.

We hope to see you tonight!


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