Our Journey in Irving, Texas

During our Year-End-Giving Campaign we want to highlight our various sites and programs offered by Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program. This week we are down south in Texas. We have started a new chapter at Haley Elementary School and were so excited to meet our new pebbles. Here are a few snapshots of our new beginning in Texas!

At the beginning of the year in February, 2016, Polished Pebbles had their first meeting with the ThoughtWorks Dallas team to discuss our expansion.


We then held our fist open house in September at Haley Elementary in Irving, Texas. Our very first Texas Polished Pebbles site! It was so exciting to meet the parents, girls, and educators that supported our mission.


And now it has officially begun! Our new Polished Pebbles girls have been formally accepted into our family. Haley Elementary held an induction ceremony, complete with male escorts as the girls accepted their invitations. We could not be more excited to see their happy faces on this big day!



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