Help Your Child Succeed: Praise The Process


We want children to succeed in life. Whether you are a parent, sibling, aunt/uncle, teacher, mentor, or friend, you want to see a young child develop into a healthy, successful adult. As a mentoring program, Polished Pebbles tries its best to prepare our girls for bright futures. And we do so by challenging them. We encourage our girls to practice their communication skills, move outside of their comfort zones, and give us their best.

Now, what if you learned that how you praise children can affect their mindset and even values? Well, Educationalist Carol Dweck has found that their is a wrong and right kind of praise.

Wrong Praise:

  • Bases success on the outcome (grade, performance, etc.)
  • Encourages a fixed mindset of identity
  • Unintentionally dissuades children from trying
  • Makes a child fear failure

Correct Praise:

  • Praises the process and not the outcome
  • Encourages a child to always try again
  • Leaves room for the potential of growth
  • Makes a child want a challenge

For a better understanding, view this short video from RSA Animate:

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