I Am a Mentor: Supporting Growth

As we said last week, January marks National Mentoring Month! So, we couldn’t think of a better time to talk about the power of mentoring. It goes far deeper than just being a positive role model or a reliable friend. Mentors have the incredible ability to intervene in a child’s development. In the short video below, Educationalist Carol Dweck speaks on the importance of encouraging children to be learners. A lesson that mentors are in key positions to teach!


If we take Ms. Dweck’s advice, then as mentors we need to focus our attention on telling youth that it is their effort and determination that will make them who they are. Our job is not to make a child feel that they inherently are the best, but that they have the best within them. Mentors make their mentees feel powerful because we let them know that are capable of so much.

We want to inspire a future generation of learners, thinkers, and challengers. A generation of young people that are dedicated to finding ways to change our world for the better. And I can think of quite a few things that need to be changed in our society. By encouraging our younger generations to keep trying, to keep pushing, we are telling them that they are capable of changing the world–they just might not be there yet.

Do you feel powerful now?



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