K. Fair Went Back to School

Kelly Fair had the amazing opportunity to speak to future leaders at Duke University Women’s Center. She spent two days engaging with students, faculty, and staff on the mission and story of Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program–to empower young women.

Kelly Fair’s visit to the Duke University Women’s Center reflects two critically important theoretical frameworks which underpin our mission: women serving as engaged leaders and social justice. Kelly epitomizes both and we are excited for our students to engage with her.

– Dr. Stephanie Helms-Pickett, Director, Duke University Women’s Center

As guest lecturer to the senior women’s seminar, Kelly was able to inspire young, college women on the importance of social justice work, and its intersection with business. Kelly spoke on how to jumpstart a non-profit organization. This includes how to brand not only your organization and mission, but yourself as a professional. Her story as a successful entrepreneur became a learning tool for Duke University. Further, Kelly’s work with Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program speaks to the Duke Women’s Center focus on gender equity. Polished Pebbles empowers young girls by teaching them the vital life skill of effective communication. Kelly and Polished Pebbles encourage these girls to strive for leadership positions in their schools, communities, and futures. Goals which she now shares with Duke University Women’s Center.

Not to mention, she left with new friends…


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