Life of a Pebbles Intern: Erica Rattler at ThoughtWorks

This summer, three of our Polished Pebbles had the opportunity to intern at ThoughtWorks. Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program strives to teach young girls professional communication, behavior, and dress to thrive in future work settings. An important part of that learning process is being in a professional work setting. These girls were able to apply their Polished Pebbles knowledge in the real world. We are proud of our young women! And we want them to share their experience with you.

Erica Rattler unnamed-1 

During my time at Thought Works I learned many skills, such as multitasking and business etiquette. During the Internship, I had a few challenges. Some of these challengers were with remembering certain things, such as putting in time cards at the end of the week and preparing myself for scheduled meetings and presentations. However, I did manage to get better and become more ready and prepared for these tasks as I worked.

The most exciting part of the internship was everything! I loved  meeting new people and learning their diversity, working with others on assignments, collaborating with others, moving to different departments, and taking what I learned to school and other aspects of life. At ThoughtWorks, some people might think its a very strict and busy place to be, but that’s not true. An average day can be busy or laid back, depending on scheduled events. However, there is always work to be done. ThoughtWorkers are all dedicated to their work but also know when to have fun and not be a busy body all the time! Overall, I had a great time here at ThoughtWorks and I would love to come back!

Polished Pebbles has also helped in several ways. They taught me how to carry myself as a working woman and to always be myself. With all the business etiquette and influential talks, I have become a well-minded and prepared young woman.

Thank you ThoughtWorks for providing our pebbles with such an amazing learning opportunity!


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