Collegiate Mentoring

As May comes to a close, many college and university students are walking on stages and accepting their diplomas. We want to say congratulations to all you new graduates! Earning your degree is no easy feat. That’s why Polished Pebbles had expanded to collegiate mentoring. Kelly Fair is a frequent contributor to HBCU Nation Radio Show where she provides “Mentoring Minutes” to university students. She also writes for Stomping the Yard on JETMag, whose articles focus on the college experience from roommates to professors. We need to pay attention to college students, especially young African-American women and first-generation college students! First-generation students do not always arrive at college or university with the same knowledge and preparation as other students. While this does not always limit them, it shows a need for mentoring. Mentors can provide this essential bridge in knowledge, experience, and support for first-generation students at college. We want to support them from elementary through to their college degrees! 

For more information on Polished Pebble’s Collegiate Mentoring, check out the brochure! 

You can also listen to Kelly Fair speak on HBCU Nation Radio Show or read her articles on Stomping the Yard.

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