Mentoring College Students On The Power of Relationships!

tlc what about your friends

The girl group TLC sang about it 20 years ago, and it’s still a challenge on college campuses everywhere, that’s right making and breaking friendships.
In my latest blog series for JET,  The Freshman Memoirs , I feature current college students and the lessons they learned throughout their college careers.  This serves as an excellent way to mentor incoming freshman so that they can be aware of the steps of a successful college career.  This week, I highlight the experience of Nyia Fairley, a sophomore at Hampton University who shares her experience of maintaining a lifelong friendship in her first year of college.  Check out Nyia’s story in JET here.
Interested in learning more about how I can connect and work with students on your campus?  Send an email to, and check out this brochure for Polished Pebbles, The College Edition here.


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