Ingredients For A Great Mentoring Staff!




“Kelly has pushed me to the limits!”

“Being committed, problem solvers, hungry, confident, willing, passionate, great learners, entrepreneurial, communicators, leaders, grounded in faith, walking the walk, seeing ourselves in our girls”…..These were all the ingredients mentioned by my Polished Pebbles staff as we discussed the characteristics that make up a great team member of a youth mentoring program.

Check out the video to hear how our Operations Coordinator, Shannon Page, and Program Facilitator/Coordinator, Brittney Shepherd, share how they’ve grown professionally as staff members. And, soomebody mentioned something about me pushing them to their limits…..who?!?! Little ‘ole me?!? LOL!

“A youth program’s impact is only as strong as the team who put it’s it together!” -KellyFairTheMentor

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