Dear Kelly, “Should I Start Small?”



Thanks for having lunch today with me, KellyFairTheMentor!  Happy National Mentoring Month 2014!  What better way to end the month, but by assisting individuals who are eager to grow their efforts in mentoring youth!

Here’s my response to a question from Coretta Jackson in Bloomington, IL

“I am in the beginning stages of developing a NFP youth organization in Bloomington Normal. I lucked up and received wonderful feedback from several adults in the community with the similar vision that I have for the kids here. In total, there will be 7 of us (6 women and 1 man) launching the program. Each of us have a special niche that we can bring to the table. We would like to target Junior High and High School aged youth, but don’t want to turn down any children for the program because we plan to offer so much. Do you think it is far fetched to have divisions of the program (i.e. Young Men’s Division, College Bound Division, Health Division, etc)?  Should we start small and watch for growth or just go for the gusto and utilize all of our individual skills, talents and networking abilities to serve the youth of Bloomington Normal fairly??”

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