The Art Of Being A Great Mentor

IMG_9227Polished Pebbles recently held a volunteer orientation for those interested in working with us this year.  And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in attendance for their energy and commitment. Volunteers and mentors are an important ingredient in the work we do. In order to successfully impact the lives of the girls in our programs, it’s necessary to enlist the talents and skills of a broad pool of individuals who are just as enthusiastic about our mission as we are.

Being a mentor doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a perfect person, but rather that you’re willing to guide and counsel with the compassion needed to make a difference.  According to a piece in the magazine Psychology Today, there are six things essentials to being a great mentor:

1. Be supportive.

2. Be an active listener.

3. Set realistic expectations that push them just enough outside of their comfort zone.

4. Have a genuine interest in the individual.

5. Encourage self-decision making.

6. Offer your perspective.

To read more on the six mentor essentials, please visit Psychology Today by clicking on the title of the magazine.

4 thoughts on “The Art Of Being A Great Mentor

  1. Just thinking there may be more mentors out there that don’t even realize they are mentors. “Guide and counsel with the compassion to make a difference”–I appreciate this summary of mentoring. 

    • Julie, I agree with you wholeheartedly! A large part of what we do is encouraging people to take the leap into mentoring! Helping them recognize that with proper guidance, they can unleash the innate mentor that is within each an every one of us! We all have a part! Thanks for responding!

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