Women on the Web: Interviews with Women Mentors You Should Know!

12-11 Blog

At KellyFairtheMentor.com, we had the opportunity to interview two beautiful, influential women–Cameka Smith of BOSS Network and Cynthia Boykin of What You Need Is… We are happy to share with you a combined presentation of their insights and inspirations for mentoring and strengthening community! Continue reading

Throwing Back to 2013, Pertesha Shares Her Story

Blog 12-4

To each girl that goes through Polished Pebbles program, the experience is different. Although we have our mission of installing positive values, effective communication strategies, and confidence in our girls, they all take a different path. Each girl comes through our program with their own unique background and personality; making sure our work is never dull! Now, let’s hear from a Polished Pebbles alum, Pertesha, as she shares her own Polished Pebbles story… Continue reading

What Are We Grateful For…

Blog 11-27

All of our readers of KellyFairtheMentor.com, volunteers and staff of Polished Pebbles, and our Polished Pebbles Blog 11-27girls…thank you! It is with your help that we are able to impact our communities and work towards positive change. All of our voices can be heard and together we can help support the future of our girls and boys! Continue reading

I Did Not Know That People Like Me Could Exist…

Blog 11-20

Having these stereotypes continually presented to our youth affect their self-development. As Chimamanda says, “The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete”. Without the full story we cannot properly mentor and support our youth. Without analyzing communities, schools, and society we cannot begin to understand the family or the youth. We must search for the full story. Continue reading

KFair Mentoring Tip #2: Giving Thanks

11-13 Blog

Organizations and businesses, either for-profit or not-for-profit, all benefit from their generous supporters. Their acts of kindness and support help us maintain our goals and move towards a bright future. So, how do we properly show our gratitude? Kelly Fair has five steps for an effective and personal appreciation. Continue reading

A Mentor’s Response to Viral CatCalling Video

Catcalling! (1)

The video racked up 32 million views, but came under quick scrutiny for featuring mostly men of color. This too was my initial observation and objection to the video as well. My thought was how can you raise awareness about a form of discrimination with a tool that discriminates? Consequently, Hollaback! apologized last week for the suspicious lack of white men shown in the video. Nonetheless, as most social media centered advocacy, the message about combat catcalling definitely started a buzz and lots of dialogue. Continue reading

Who Will Your Daughters Become? …Heroes!

10-30 Blog

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For the month of October we have been sharing with you the need for black women mentors for your daughters. And here they are! Your very own collection of women heroes, and mentors, for you daughters to grow, dream, and inspire to become! Continue reading

KFair Mentoring Tip #1: Diversity in Leadership

10-23 Blog

Young, African-American girls need to see older, professional women who look like them succeeding in leadership roles! That has been the continuous message this month. By seeing black women as leaders, they will start to see themselves as developing leaders and act as such. You can help support our youth by taking on leadership roles yourselves, or by electing others for leadership positions. Continue reading