“Mentoring teenage girls has been a long passion of mine but all I had was a bunch of ideas on paper. After meeting with Kelly Fair, she gave me direction and the push I needed to get the ball rolling. Kelly asked about my vision and then shared resources and ideas on where to start. I’m now in the process of developing my first program. Kelly Fair knows the business of mentoring and she’s a true inspiration.” -Gloria Dotson Lewis, Healthcare Administrator, Budding Mentoring Group Leader

“I found Kelly’s organization Polished Pebbles through Google and reached out to her on twitter, because I did have some questions regarding sponsorships and funding. Kelly answered my question(s) through email then offered her mentoring service. I quickly jumped at the offer. Before the call with Kelly, I just knew I had everything together for my non-profit organization minus clarity surrounding sponsorships. I ended the call feeling refreshed and motivated to grow my program for girls and women.  I was given so much clarity and information in just an hour that I would have never found online. Kelly shared her personal experiences to save potential hardships and headaches. Thanks again for everything!” – Kimber Lee Founder of Divas Inc.

Kelly Fair, you’re such an incredible leader. I love what you stand for. You were on of my first mentors when I was in HS, and I paid attention to your every move. You captivated me every time you spoke. I made sure to lift my head a little higher when you walked in the room….that was the expectation that you set for us. It comes to no surprise that God has called you to inspire, encourage, and motivate youth. He’s been preparing you for a while. You were one of the women that inspired me to educate and train youth. Just wanted to send a note to let you know that I love and appreciate you.” -Ashlee Neal, Literacy Coordinator at Association House of Chicago and Rap Director Trainer at College Summit, Alcorn State University Alumni


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hello, I have a question, do you come and speak at a youth retreat. Im trying to put togther one and i need a young africain american women like youself o talk to the yooung ladys.

  2. Hey, kelly quick question I want to do some volunteer work with mentoring young girls so how can I get involved with your program I’ve been searching around for several mentor programs for me to join but I think yours stuck out to me the most

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